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  • idooley
    started a topic Paraguard dips

    Paraguard dips

    So I'm treating two of my guppies for possible velvet, as they one has a white fuzzy coating on its body and is rocking back and forth as it swims. I was wondering how often should fish be dipped? Once a day for an hour or more, once every few days? I'm not sure and I just can't lose any more guppies....
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  • Princess Maki
    started a topic Parasites or copepods?

    Parasites or copepods?

    A week ago I treated my betta for what I thought might be Columnaris or fungus as I saw the white fuzzy stuff under the chin (first pic). He was a bit lethargic but eating well. I did a full course of Kanaplex and nitrofurazone antibiotics with aquarium salt and the white fuzzy stuff went away after...
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  • idooley
    started a topic Paraguard + Tetra Biobag

    Paraguard + Tetra Biobag

    Do Seachem Paraguard and Biobags from tetra work together? It has activated carbon in it and it is my main filter.
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  • Betta with possible swim bladder due to tumor and loosing his tail fins

    I have a male Betta that is approximately 2 years old, he started showing signs of having a tumor about 3 months after I got him. He scraped his tail on something in the tank one night and I immediately took it out and treated him with a Betta natural solution to help the fins heal, it helped for a...
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  • Paraguard or Kanaplex after mysterious illness

    Hi, I have 2 male phantom tetras and 5 females in a planted 10 gallon. Usually they get along great besides a little fin nipping, but I have recently discovered that one of the females is practically wasted away and lost much of her fins. I've quarantined her for Paraguard dips. My question now is what...
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  • Gaabe
    started a topic Paraguard and Pristine

    Paraguard and Pristine

    so I’ve recently been treating my betta fish with sea chem Paraguard to help his fin rot. However recently the week before I treated the tank with seachem pristine to add that extra layer of bacteria to help maintain water quality with detritus I missed. Does the paraguard harm the pristine b...
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  • ska67
    started a topic Betta popeye treatment

    Betta popeye treatment

    Betta w Popeye: Used Kanaplex two complete treatments. I want to follow up with Paraguard bc not fully cured yet. Or should I do another (3rd) Kanaplex treatment? It's been 4 days with 50% water change since last course of treatment. Please advise. Thank you!...
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  • ​Use of Paraguard and something else...for Ich and body fungus

    Part A. So, this tank has been up and running for several years with no problems. A school of Boraras and a school of Petruichthys sp rosy (rosy loach), both nano species. My Boraras are aging out. One had an intermittent/slight body fungus. So, I treated with Paraguard because it's mild (both the case...
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  • Zypher
    started a topic Velvet Treatment

    Velvet Treatment

    Hello, I have a betta who came down with velvet when I moved him to a new tank with media from two of my other tanks. I’’ve been treating the tank with Paraguard daily since 4/29, however I’’m not seeing much improvement and can still see the parasites. Last dose was about 6 hours ago....
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  • tahsinraaj
    started a topic New Tank Cycle + ParaGuard

    New Tank Cycle + ParaGuard

    I made the rookie mistake on my new tank by starting to cycle the tank with Neon Tetras , As I found out they are sensitive to cycling , After 2 weeks one of my neon tetra died, The tank is still not reading any Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate. Now for the past one week I have been dosing stability...
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  • Dosing Paraguard with Cory Cats, Netites and Rasboras

    Hello, so pretty much the title sums it up. I have 8 Cory Cats, 9 Rasboras and 5 Nerites in a 29 gallon. My Corys have been showing signs of irritation since the day I brought them home (almost a month ago). This is my first go round with Corys, so pretty much I was unsure how to pinpoint the issue....
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  • Will ParaGuard treat Costia? Are 1/2 dosages okay for the entire treatment?

    Seachem Folks,


    From my understanding, Costia is a parasite that can be treated with Malachite Green and Formalin per American Aquarium Products.

    I don't see Costia as a type of parasite that ParaGuard can treat, and I see very little discussion about it on the...
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  • Lillie - Mei
    started a topic Tetra & Platy Question

    Tetra & Platy Question

    Hello lovely people,

    I am posting on behalf of my Mum. She is a complete novice when it comes to fish, she grew up with an Uncle who bred show winners but has never kept fish herself.

    She started off with a small 10litre tank and two Harlequins who have always been and still...
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  • gstevenh
    started a topic ParaGuard


    I am using ParaGuard to treat for ich. As of today, I have been treating for 14 days. I understand that water temperature influences the parasite's life cycle and am wondering if your recommendation of 14 days holds for an aquarium temperature of 77 degrees.
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  • is it safe to introduce my new fishes to my main display tank?

    Hi there,
    I lost 4 fishes in just 2 weeks because of ich infection ( unfortunately, I wasn't aware of Paraguard product and used other medications which weren't useful). I started treating my main display tank last week for 7 days ( and still continuing the treatment) with Paraguard. My remaining...
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