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  • Not able to establish Full cycle - Nitrates problem

    I have a very heavy stocked mbunas cichlid 80gal tank and I’m trying to create a full cycle filtering (eliminating the nitrates). Actually I’m doing 50% water change 2 times per week to keep the nitrates around 20 (reaching between 40-80 just before the water change). Then for sure...
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  • Using Stability and Prime to cycle

    A little backstory:
    I set up my 10 gallon aquarium last November, after having thoroughly cleaned it after a major GBA issue. I cleaned everything, even the filter, with tap water, which I recently found out has chloramine, to dissipate any GBA lingering. The only thing I didn't really...
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  • Raveenm
    started a topic Pond matrix

    Pond matrix

    Can Pond matrix still colonise anaerobic bacteria inside a high flow filter? My cichlid tank is 250L & it has a Fluval FX6. I’m thinking of replacing my fluval biomax with pond matrix in all the trays but will this make a difference when it comes to anaerobic bacteria?
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  • Mazter
    started a topic [HELP] New Cycle with Stability

    [HELP] New Cycle with Stability

    Hello, just looking for some help with a new cycle.

    40 Gallon Breeder
    Fluval C4 HOB
    Aqueon 150 @ 80 degrees

    DAY 1 April 6: add 160 drops of Dr. Tim's Ammonia Chloride and 4 caps of Stability

    DAY 2 April 7: PH = 7.6, AMM = 2ppm, Nitrite = 0ppm, Nitrate...
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  • Willy94
    started a topic Seachem prime & stability.

    Seachem prime & stability.

    hi seachem, read Online about the two products with fish in cycle as I was too rush to buy 20-30 shrimps . Done a research and found out this two product to cycle my current shrimp tank .
    Day 1 : 0.5 ppm ammonia ( using api test kit )
    0 nitrites and nitrate .
    Day 2 : 1.0 ppm ammonia...
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  • seaman
    started a topic Nitrates Very High

    Nitrates Very High

    I'm completely stumped. This has been going on for months.

    I have 2-20 gallon tanks. Neither is over stocked and have live plants. I feed once/day. Over the last several months, I have started using RO water for my weekly (to 10 day) water change of about 4 gallons each time. I add Equilibrium...
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  • Nitrates wont go down after numerous water changes

    I will try and include as much info as I can, I dont mean to sound rude. I want to keep it short so you dont have to read a lot :)

    This is a temporary tank, these fish are only inside because my pond is not deep enough for winter.

    3 comets- 1 6in 2 3-4in...
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  • bscardina
    started a topic Nitrate problems

    Nitrate problems

    I have a 90 gallon mixed reef tank that has been setup for almost 2 years and is currently not using any type of chemical filtration other than Phosguard in the sump. I have a skimmer in my sump and a seperate refugium with some mangroves, a deep sand bed and some live rock. My nitrates have always...
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  • AnimalTeach
    started a topic Products & medication

    Products & medication

    I have a 29 gallon tank that is used as a goldfish quarantine tank. We treat the fish for one week with a general internal/external parasite medication. After that the critters are fed to axolotls.
    Because we are treating the tank, there is no carbon/chemical based filtration in the tank...since...
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  • John Tricoli
    started a topic Matrix under gravel

    Matrix under gravel

    I was thinking last night,,,what would happen if one placed a layer / bed of Matrix under the subtrate of a tank. Assume 2 inches of Matrix with about 2 or so inches of gravel on top of it.

    Would this allow the Matrix to be in an oxegen deprived environment so as to allow the growth...
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