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  • Brown / Rust orange color on some of my Matrix.

    Is this okay to use? Looks like brown or rust orange color on about 20% of the Matrix I just ordered from Amazon.
    I tried scrubbing it with a toothbrush, but it does not come off.
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  • Additional filtration/switching to Matrix


    I’m going to add a new HOB filter (AquaClear 70) to my 55 gallon community tank but I’m going to replace the ceramic noodles and activated carbon it comes with with a small Purigen bag and Matrix (I will keep the sponge).

    How long will it take for this filter’s...
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  • Filter Floss, Purigen and Matrix and flow order


    I have a 20 gallon tank and I use an Eheim 2041 filter (flowrate of 150 gallon/hour).
    It is divided in two sections and I'm currently using:

    Intake water -> Filter Floss -> Biofilter Cartridge
    Intake Water -> Filter Cartridge (240 cm³)
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  • Lower Nitrates without removing tannins (2 issues)

    Hi, hoping for some help and didn't see this combination of issue in your questions. I've bee using various products to lower Nitrates and just realized I think all of them also remove tannins, which I have been adding to lower the pH. Do you have any products that do that? Or recommendations?
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  • tempura
    started a topic Seachem Matrix

    Seachem Matrix

    Hi Seachem Support,

    I have 55 gallon tank currently housing softies, LPS & 4 fishes. It is DSB.

    My feeding regime is heavy.

    My latest measurement (16-02-2015) is 80 ppm of No3.

    I am currently dosing Red Sea No3Po4x 6 ml daily and have been...
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  • turntablez
    started a topic Matrix vs Pumice

    Matrix vs Pumice


    I was wondering if Seachem can clarify a few things about Matrix. I have been investigating and some believe that Seachem Matrix is just cleaned sterilized Pumice. Is this true? If so do you add something to it so it denitrifies Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate? I would rather...
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  • Reckhout
    started a topic Seachem pond matrix wet/dry

    Seachem pond matrix wet/dry

    I was planning on using the seachem pond matrix as media in my wet/dry sump. Will this work well? as I have heard that matrix works better if its completely submerged in water.
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  • tulleylea
    started a topic Matrix in a betta tank?

    Matrix in a betta tank?

    Hello, and thank you all in advance for your help!

    I have a little betta "waterfall" tank. It has a tiny pump which I only turn on occasionally (because the bettas are not fans of the flow) and a white "filter" bag filled with pockets of carbon. Here is a link to the...
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  • veeber
    started a topic Multiple filter setup

    Multiple filter setup

    Just getting my tank started and wanted to see if ayone had advice for me.

    120 gallon tank that currently only has a 4" turtle in it. We are planning to add larger fish so he doesn't eat all his tank mates in the future.

    Fluval 305 and Fluval 405 are running. Order of...
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  • Question on Seachem Matrix and Denitrate


    I have Seachem Matrix in my canister filter and Seachem denitrate in my internal filter (low flow).

    During one occasion when my fishes are sick, I added medication in the form of Potassium Permanganate causing the seachem matrix to turn purple. After repeated washing,...
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  • Silicate content of biological medias

    I am curious if there is any silica/silicates in Matrix or De*Nitrate, more importantly if these products could possibly leach silicates into the water.

    I am having brown algae problems with low nitrates (10-20); phosphorous/silicate removing medias don't seem to help much either. ...
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  • fadijohn
    started a topic Extra Matrix?

    Extra Matrix?

    Hello, I'm using Matrix as the bio-media in my freshwater tank and I happen to have some extra since my filter is an HOB. Can I put the extra Matrix in/on the substrate in my tank? If so, will it do any good in terms of increasing the biological filtering capacity or does Matrix really need to be in...
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  • High NitrItes in overstocked Pico tank.


    I have a pico tank (volume = 8L) housing 2 one-inch fancy goldfish. I have been running nitrogen cycle and am unable to get 0ppm for nitrItes for about 2 months now.

    Here are my parameters:
    Tank volume = 8L
    2 one-inch Goldfish
    0 Ammonia
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  • John Tricoli
    started a topic Matrix under gravel

    Matrix under gravel

    I was thinking last night,,,what would happen if one placed a layer / bed of Matrix under the subtrate of a tank. Assume 2 inches of Matrix with about 2 or so inches of gravel on top of it.

    Would this allow the Matrix to be in an oxegen deprived environment so as to allow the growth...
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  • Stability, Purigen, and Matrix Questions for hospital tank


    I just set up my hospital tank last night and I'm planning to move my fish over Saturday to de worm my fish.

    My hospital tank contains Hang on Filter with foam padding (brand new) and and under gravel filter for circurlation but no substrate.

    So I...
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