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  • Helicase
    started a topic Expired KanaPlex

    Expired KanaPlex


    Last weekend I bought two small fantail goldfish (~1" long). I am quarantining them in a 5-gallon quarantine tank with an established 4-stage filter and aeration. Their water is treated with GoldBuffer and Fresh Trace.

    At the end of their second day, it became...
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  • oacason
    started a topic Popeye, bacterial infection

    Popeye, bacterial infection

    I bought some new Cory catfish for my 75 gallon tropical community and have been battling issues ever since. One by one the catfish died. They would have extremely swollen eyes and their body looked red, then they died. I also had a couple other fish die this way. It happened so fast, within a couple...
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  • Paraguard or Kanaplex after mysterious illness

    Hi, I have 2 male phantom tetras and 5 females in a planted 10 gallon. Usually they get along great besides a little fin nipping, but I have recently discovered that one of the females is practically wasted away and lost much of her fins. I've quarantined her for Paraguard dips. My question now is what...
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  • ska67
    started a topic Betta popeye treatment

    Betta popeye treatment

    Betta w Popeye: Used Kanaplex two complete treatments. I want to follow up with Paraguard bc not fully cured yet. Or should I do another (3rd) Kanaplex treatment? It's been 4 days with 50% water change since last course of treatment. Please advise. Thank you!...
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  • caleb.matthew
    started a topic Betta Fin Rot - Kanaplex

    Betta Fin Rot - Kanaplex


    I have a betta in a 5 gallon cycled tank, water changes every 48 hours and am currently treating with Kanaplex. He is now on his third dose and I am not seeing any improvement in his fins but I am seeing a general improvement in his movement and demeanor. It was pretty severe fin rot...
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  • 50-Micron Polishing Pad with Meds?

    I use a 50-micron water polishing filter pad in my aquarium filter. I worry that it is filtering out medication that I am trying to treat my sick fish with. Most people can see particles down to 40-50 microns in size. A speck of pollen might be a good example of a 50-micron particle. Kanaplex, Metroplex,...
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  • Helicase
    started a topic Popeye and Kanaplex

    Popeye and Kanaplex

    I am overwintering juvenile koi in a basement stock tank; my pond is too shallow to shelter them through hard winters. They have been doing very well until last night, when a male presented with popeye.

    His right eye is protruding. The left eye seems unaffected. He is a little sluggish,...
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  • Epsom or aquarium salt with Kanaplex treatment


    I'm on my second round of treatment with Kanaplex for my Betta with what looks like is still the beginning/mid stages of dropsy. I understand what I'm involved in, but I am trying to remain hopeful.

    I was giving Epsom salt dips 1x per day, they seemed to help and relax...
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  • How many gallons can the 5g package of Kanaplex treat ?

    I will be buying some but would like to know if I need 1 or 2 times 5g ? I have some fish with buoyancy issues and wanted to treat as a precaution. Should I mix something else with Kanaplex?

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  • rconner15
    started a topic Treating with Kanaplex

    Treating with Kanaplex

    I currently have two fish in quarantine, 1 clown and 1 assessor basslet. The clown is acting and eating normally, seems to be doing fine. The basslet on the other hand is not eating and his fins are very ragged. Since starting the kanaplex treatment he's shown minor signs of improvement....
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  • Mishellfish
    started a topic Dosing and water changes

    Dosing and water changes

    Hi I have a peacock gudgeon, she cannot maintain her position in the water and is sat on the bottom of the tank. She is from my dads tank, I'm not sure what the cause is, it could have been egg bound but I also have one peacock gudgeon fry with the same trouble it's only 1cm long. I am treating the...
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  • Adding new fish after medicating tank

    How long should I wait after medicating a tank with Kanaplex (most recent treatment) and losing fish?

    I had a number of problems on and off with this tank over the fall. Bloodfin Tetras. 10 Gallon. (2 small albino corys have survived it all and are fine). The last fish died in December,...
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  • Conflicting Info on Dropsy in Betta

    I seem to be finding conflicting info on how to treat a Betta with Dropsy. I hope I'm not too late to treat properly. Hope someone can help.

    First, she's in a 2.5 gal tank with a heater and sponge filter. Water is hard, pH about 7.6, 0 NH3, 0 Nitrites, and when the Nitrates gets 20-40 I...
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  • KanaPlex and Chemical versus Carbon Filter Media

    i have a bacterial infection which is causing open sores. I'm thinking of using KanaPlex. In the product detail page on Seachem's website one paragraph says to remove carbon. Lower, in another paragraph it's more general and says to remove chemical filtration. Is carbon the only chemical filtration...
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  • Using KanaPlex and Paraguard Together

    Just want to know if this is safe to do. My gouramis have a parasitic dactylogyrus infection with probable secondary bacterial or fungal lesion. Now I want to treat both but I want to be sure it is safe to use both Paraguard and Kanaplex together.

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