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  • Helicase
    started a topic Expired KanaPlex

    Expired KanaPlex


    Last weekend I bought two small fantail goldfish (~1" long). I am quarantining them in a 5-gallon quarantine tank with an established 4-stage filter and aeration. Their water is treated with GoldBuffer and Fresh Trace.

    At the end of their second day, it became...
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  • idooley
    started a topic Paraguard + Tetra Biobag

    Paraguard + Tetra Biobag

    Do Seachem Paraguard and Biobags from tetra work together? It has activated carbon in it and it is my main filter.
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  • ​Use of Paraguard and something else...for Ich and body fungus

    Part A. So, this tank has been up and running for several years with no problems. A school of Boraras and a school of Petruichthys sp rosy (rosy loach), both nano species. My Boraras are aging out. One had an intermittent/slight body fungus. So, I treated with Paraguard because it's mild (both the case...
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  • Chi1013
    started a topic metroplex and carbon filtration

    metroplex and carbon filtration

    Hi all,

    My molly fish have ich and after calling the help line (thank you!), I've decided to try treatment with metroplex and focus mixed with the food. My tank also has 1 loach and 1 zebra nerite snail. If I use food as the carrier, do I need to take the carbon filter out? I have an...
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  • Shan1101
    started a topic Getting ich while running cupramine

    Getting ich while running cupramine

    I have had an issue with ich in my marine fish so have them in a 100gal tank running cupramine, there is live rock in the setup. I’ve got a seachem copper test kit and have been testing every two or three days and keeping my copper level between 0.5-0.6 consistently for over a month now. The ich...
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  • Metroplex dosing method for freshwater ich , via food or water column ?

    Hi guys i'm having a little issue with ich in my malawi peacock tank.Im currently using the high temp and salt method .I am on day 8 of 10 .I've noticed that some of the fish are still flashing / twitching . So once my 10 days are up i'm gonna do water changes to bring salt levels back to normal plus...
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  • Newly discovered ICH in my planted tank...


    I hope that I can source some help here

    I'm new to this hobby since July 2015. In beginning of October 2015, I did setup a new tank which is a 45G Fluval Bow Front in aquascaping mode. The tank is heavily planted. I went through a "Silent cycle" with NO, absolutely...
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  • scarlett41503
    started a topic Convict fry - Possible ick!!

    Convict fry - Possible ick!!

    So to make a long story short... I think I accidentally cross contaminated my nursery tank and my med tank(used the same net for both tanks) . The fry have been free swimming for nearly a month now. I just noticed a couple of them have raised white spots. Some on their heads and some on their tails....
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  • Looks like Ich but is NOT Ich? Have pics to show..

    I have a gourami that has ick-like symptoms (i.e white grainy salt-like items) on its tail, lower fin and some parts of the body. I say it's "ick-like" because I have been unable to cure it using despite multiple and varying ick-treaments. I have tried salt and heat, Ick-Clear, Ick Guard,...
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  • NicciL
    started a topic Paraguard for Ich

    Paraguard for Ich

    I'm using Paraguard to treat a tank with ich, and I'm beginning to wonder whether I ought to try a new medication. I was hoping you might be able to help.

    The tank has 3 types of loaches (kuhli, sidthimunki and Yunannilus cruciatus), Amano shrimp, assassin snails, malaysian trumpet snails,...
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  • treating ich while blackworms resident in tank

    I've recently acquired a large group of poecilocharax weitzmani tetras. They are quite delicate and won't eat anything that isn't alive. They basically need to have live food present in the aquarium all the time. For that reason, I seeded their quarantine tank with a sustainable population of resident...
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