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    Please help determine correct ratios of Seachem products to achieve target freshwater parameters
    Ratios of EQUILIBRIUM; ALKALINE BUFFER; and ACID BUFFER to achieve and maintain a stable pH of 6.5; GH = 2 meq/L; KH = 2 meq/L

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  • MysticStorm96
    started a topic Betta Food

    Betta Food

    I am a firm user of most seachem products and highly recommend them in several fish groups. Despite the quality of many of your products, I am shocked that your line of fish food does not meet those same standards. The betta food in particular is what I am interested in. Bettas are a type of obligate...
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  • oacason
    started a topic Popeye, bacterial infection

    Popeye, bacterial infection

    I bought some new Cory catfish for my 75 gallon tropical community and have been battling issues ever since. One by one the catfish died. They would have extremely swollen eyes and their body looked red, then they died. I also had a couple other fish die this way. It happened so fast, within a couple...
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  • PhilPrimeau
    started a topic High Ph and KH, No GH

    High Ph and KH, No GH

    Hi! New here and tried searching for people in a similar situation, to no avail. I’m trying to reach certain water parameters and am struggling a bit.
    My tap water parameters:
    250ppm+ KH (you read that right)
    ~8.8 ph
    0 (zero) GH
    I’ve had success getting these under...
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  • Tank still not cycled after 10 months

    Hi there,

    I have been trying to cycle my freshwater 90L aquarium for 10 months now, and its still not cycled! This is the first time I’ve ever cycled an aquarium so there must be something I’m doing very wrong and I’m hoping someone would be able to hep me out :) I am doing a fishless...
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  • idooley
    started a topic Paraguard + Tetra Biobag

    Paraguard + Tetra Biobag

    Do Seachem Paraguard and Biobags from tetra work together? It has activated carbon in it and it is my main filter.
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  • Paraguard or Kanaplex after mysterious illness

    Hi, I have 2 male phantom tetras and 5 females in a planted 10 gallon. Usually they get along great besides a little fin nipping, but I have recently discovered that one of the females is practically wasted away and lost much of her fins. I've quarantined her for Paraguard dips. My question now is what...
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  • *newbie alert!* ro water for South American plecos

    hi all. Newbie here. I appreciate any help you can give. I have been keeping plecos and tetras for some time now with some success, but my tap water is fairly hard, and I'd like to soften to try breeding the plecos. I have purchased an ro unit and would like to know how to add back what I need while...
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  • Philippians31214
    started a topic Ammonia Levels Sky High

    Ammonia Levels Sky High

    Good morning.
    I’m very new to maintaining an aquarium but I am reading everything I can to gain a better understanding on how to provide the safest environment I can for our fish (4 Seprae Tetras, 4 Black Skirt Tetras, 1 Bristlenose Pleco we constantly have to search for and have affectionately...
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  • scoobiemandan
    started a topic Seachem Safe direct dosing

    Seachem Safe direct dosing

    I have a 500l freshwater tank which I fill from the tap. Generally it takes a good 20 minutes or so to fill back up after a water change.

    I have recently been informed that as safe doesn't contain stabilisers that it will only work for chlorine/chloramines for a certain length of time so...
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  • Vgill
    started a topic Cycling freshwater tank

    Cycling freshwater tank

    Hiya, so I'm very new to the community. I start fishless cycling 5 gallon tank since 10th March. I have 2 small driftwoods, java ferns, a lot of vallisneria, micro swords and dwarf sagitarria. This tank will have a betta and a Nerite snail in the future.
    Now this is the problem:
    -the water...
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  • New Cycle - Fishless (& Plantless)

    I'm about to cycle a new (freshwater) tank and trying out a fishless cycle.....using Stability and Ammonium Chloride (Dr. Tim's). Does it matter whether I start with the gravel within, or add gravel after tank chemistry is complete? Also, I imagine that I should run the heater regardless...
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  • Starting new South American Tank. Need to lock in 6.5ph (Buffer help please)

    PH: 7.7
    KH: 8dkh
    GH: 10
    PPM: 156
    RO/DI (Aquatic store bought)
    PH: 6.5
    KH: <1 to 1
    GH: <1 to 1
    PPM: 0
    Mixed 50% in container
    PH: 7.4 - 7.5
    KH: 4dkh
    GH: 5
    PPM: 78
    • I really want to use your 2 buffer products but
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  • Sup3rFly
    started a topic Purigen Regeneration Question

    Purigen Regeneration Question

    Hi there,

    I plan on running through the regeneration steps for the purigen bag on the weekend, my question is, is there any downside to doing 3 bags in the same container, all at the same time?

    The bleach I'll be using is White King, it's unscenteed, but not as strong as bleach...
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  • Jeezusjuiicee
    started a topic Ammonia testing

    Ammonia testing

    So I read somewhere that when you use prime it makes the ammonia test inaccurate. Just wondering if this was true or not!
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