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  • marblet
    started a topic Dosing Schedule for 5gal Tank

    Dosing Schedule for 5gal Tank

    I’ve been dosing 0.5mLs of Excel daily and a drop or two of Potassium twice a week.

    But I want to incorporate Iron and Flourish into the mix. I figured out the dosing amounts, but didn’t know if I should follow the standard Seachem Planted Aquarium Dosing Calendar since I’m...
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  • EpiphyteEnthusiast
    started a topic New Tank setup advice

    New Tank setup advice

    Hello, look for some advice from a SeaChem rep here. Sorry in advance if this gets long winded, but I have some questions about setting up a new tank, using some existing plants from a smaller tank, as well as some new plants.
    First, the existing. I have a 4g all in one that has the following:...
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  • Zero Nitrate- but I believe I need some Nitrate


    I use Prime to do what changes, which I do on a regular basis. Have a 65G planted tank, Fluval LED, Insta CO2 supply and 18 fish in it, the biggest and potentially most dirty fishing being a Plec (small) and two Upside down Cats. I work away so the tank goes through 2 weeks of no water...
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  • zlowred
    started a topic Micro-dosing of Flourish (and Excel)

    Micro-dosing of Flourish (and Excel)


    I've got couple of precise pumps from some project unrelated to fish tanks, and wanted to use them to micro-dose Flourish & Excel few times a day, but before I do I wanted to check on few topics:
    - is it a good idea in general to dose, say 1/21 of recommended weekly dose 3...
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  • rmaple
    started a topic Flourish and Flourish Potassium

    Flourish and Flourish Potassium

    I currently dose my 56 gallon low tech tank with Flourish and Flourish Potassium 2x/week. My typical schedule is 20% PWC on Saturday (new water treated with Prime), Flourish on Sunday and Wed, and Potassium on Monday and Thursday. When I dose the ferts, I add them to a cup of tank water which I then...
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  • Can I dilute Flourish products with RO water for easier usage?

    Hi Guys,

    First of all, congrat for the great Products and Forum.

    I'm using the following products in nano planted tanks (20 liter and 36 liter)

    Seachem Nitrogen
    Seachem Potassium
    Seachem Phosphorus
    Seachem Trace
    Seachem Flourish...
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  • What can be dosed through a water replacement sump?

    I'm about to start using an automatic water change system. My tank is 80L, and I have a 30L sump of "fresh" water underneath it. I have an automatic system that will fill the aquarium with ~2L of fresh water daily, and of course an overflow for the extra water. So over a period of 2 weeks...
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  • Newly discovered ICH in my planted tank...


    I hope that I can source some help here

    I'm new to this hobby since July 2015. In beginning of October 2015, I did setup a new tank which is a 45G Fluval Bow Front in aquascaping mode. The tank is heavily planted. I went through a "Silent cycle" with NO, absolutely...
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  • SirHW
    started a topic Activated Carbon in Planted Tank

    Activated Carbon in Planted Tank

    Is it advisable to use activated carbon in a planted tank scenario? I use the complete line of Seachem additives including Flourish and Flourish Excel.

    Thank you.
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  • Bree
    started a topic Please HELP!!! Plants dieing...

    Please HELP!!! Plants dieing...

    Okay i'm new and need help!!

    I have a 20 gallon planted tank with water wisteria and moneywort, and for awhile they were doing amazing, growing like an inch a day, but in the last 2 months they have all been dying and not growing at all. So i bought the whole seachem line of ferts minus...
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  • turk1509
    started a topic Flourish Increased doses

    Flourish Increased doses

    gday there, i have some anubias on some drift wood but recently its been going yellow at the tips working its way back to the stem almost causing the leaf to rot as you can only see the 'veins'.

    i have been dosing the tank as recommended with flourish and flourish excel as well as the...
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  • darb
    started a topic Flourish in Low End Brackish

    Flourish in Low End Brackish

    Will flourish be fine in my low end brackish (04/05 sg) tank?
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