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  • *newbie alert!* ro water for South American plecos

    hi all. Newbie here. I appreciate any help you can give. I have been keeping plecos and tetras for some time now with some success, but my tap water is fairly hard, and I'd like to soften to try breeding the plecos. I have purchased an ro unit and would like to know how to add back what I need while...
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  • Nitrification - RO Water with Discus Buffer

    I recently changed all my aquarium water over to RO water and buffered it to a 6.8 pH using Neutral Regulator and Discus buffer and a GH of 3 using Equilibrium. The water was all prepared in a drum before being added to the aquarium. The biological filter was not affected by this change... it is a sponge...
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  • Neutral Regulator & Discus Buffer Stock Solutions?

    1. Can I make stock solutions of Seachem Neutral Regulator and Discus Buffer for accurate dosing and storage?

    2. Can I use a smaller quantity than 7g if I am starting with RO/DI water with no KH?

    3. Will Neutral Regulator and Discus buffer precipitate out GH additives such...
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