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  • HaulinAshe
    started a topic Cupramine and UV / Carbon

    Cupramine and UV / Carbon

    Is the interaction between UV and Cupramine toxic, or does it primarily cause Cupramine to break down and become ineffective?
    Can I run a UV Sterilizer after dosing/treating with Cupramine to remove copper in the same or similar manner to running carbon?
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  • The best quarantine for my import off bettas from thailand

    Hellow my friends i need your great expertice to help me. What is foryou the best quarantine for new betta fishes. I know two forms, i will wrtite them and you can told me what is the best or if is another new one better.
    1. kanaplex + metroplex togheter for 1 week.
    2. metroplex the first...
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  • Zypher
    started a topic Velvet Treatment

    Velvet Treatment

    Hello, I have a betta who came down with velvet when I moved him to a new tank with media from two of my other tanks. I’’ve been treating the tank with Paraguard daily since 4/29, however I’’m not seeing much improvement and can still see the parasites. Last dose was about 6 hours ago....
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  • Shan1101
    started a topic Getting ich while running cupramine

    Getting ich while running cupramine

    I have had an issue with ich in my marine fish so have them in a 100gal tank running cupramine, there is live rock in the setup. I’ve got a seachem copper test kit and have been testing every two or three days and keeping my copper level between 0.5-0.6 consistently for over a month now. The ich...
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  • positivewaves
    started a topic Cupramine and MarinePure bricks

    Cupramine and MarinePure bricks

    Hi -

    I'm considering using a CerMedia MarinePure brick in a QT tank. CerMedia's web page FAQ refers to it as"inert aluminosilicate ceramic". Do you know MarinePure will absorb Cupramine significantly?

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  • haley2001
    started a topic Gold Severum and Anchor Worm

    Gold Severum and Anchor Worm

    Hi. My Gold Severum has presented with an anchor worm. I would like to know whether you believe Paragard or Cupramine is a better choice to address anchor worms. As for the Severum, I pulled out the worm - however, I want to make sure no more show up. My tank is 55 gallon, severum, serpae tetras,...
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  • rffanat1c
    started a topic Cupramine and maroon clownfish

    Cupramine and maroon clownfish


    I've read that maroons can't handle over 0.15 ppm with copper treatment. Cupramine says to dose 0.5. What would be the best level to use for maroons to kill ich. Thanks.
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  • Problem with Seachem Copper testing

    Hi there,

    Hoping someone can help me with this one? I have a 155litre Quarantine tank for marine fish which I've used for the last 12 months. I've only had to treat with cupramine once before which I dosed as per instructions and the test kit worked well. My most recent and last fish...
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  • ChrisV
    started a topic Betta Fish and Cupramine use

    Betta Fish and Cupramine use

    I cannot find anywhere that this is an issue but with the Betta's evolution and the gill structure being different I am trying to find out.
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  • Can the API copper test detect Cupramine?

    I am treating velvet in my freshwater tanks with Cupramine and have dosed as per the instructions. I could not find the Seachem copper test kit so had to buy the API copper test kit but can't see much change in the color of the water. The API test says it detects chelated and free copper,...
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  • Gogol
    started a topic Cupramine(few questions)

    Cupramine(few questions)

    I have a 50 gallon saltwater tank, with dead coral pieces, live rock, clamp shell and live sand bed.

    I had a clown fish and a pakistan-butterflyfish but suddenly they both got ich and both died within a two days after I noticed the white spots.

    Now I needed to free the...
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  • treating ich while blackworms resident in tank

    I've recently acquired a large group of poecilocharax weitzmani tetras. They are quite delicate and won't eat anything that isn't alive. They basically need to have live food present in the aquarium all the time. For that reason, I seeded their quarantine tank with a sustainable population of resident...
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  • NSA
    started a topic Cupramine and Ozone interaction

    Cupramine and Ozone interaction

    We keep our sales tanks dosed with Cupramine. Our question is, if we start using ozone injection into our skimmer, will this;

    A) interact with the copper?

    B) How bad?

    C) Will the by product be harmful to our Livestock?

    This is for a Fish only...
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