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  • MysticStorm96
    started a topic Betta Food

    Betta Food

    I am a firm user of most seachem products and highly recommend them in several fish groups. Despite the quality of many of your products, I am shocked that your line of fish food does not meet those same standards. The betta food in particular is what I am interested in. Bettas are a type of obligate...
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  • Pinottes
    started a topic New aquarium

    New aquarium


    So i have a new aquarium (20L) with a betta fish. Keeping the heat from 75-81. Using aquaclear filtering products. I had started that tank with an offbrand of prime/stability mix which required the whole bottle to get the bacteria started on the 27th, i saw cloudyness on the 28th. I...
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  • Princess Maki
    started a topic Parasites or copepods?

    Parasites or copepods?

    A week ago I treated my betta for what I thought might be Columnaris or fungus as I saw the white fuzzy stuff under the chin (first pic). He was a bit lethargic but eating well. I did a full course of Kanaplex and nitrofurazone antibiotics with aquarium salt and the white fuzzy stuff went away after...
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  • Betta with possible swim bladder due to tumor and loosing his tail fins

    I have a male Betta that is approximately 2 years old, he started showing signs of having a tumor about 3 months after I got him. He scraped his tail on something in the tank one night and I immediately took it out and treated him with a Betta natural solution to help the fins heal, it helped for a...
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  • Fishless Cycle with ammonia and stability 5.5 gallons

    Hello Team,
    I have recently bought myself a 5.5 gallon tank and planning on a betta in there.
    I have started doing a fishless cycle with ammonia and seachem stability.
    Day 1 , i had made sure that the ammonia is 2.5ppm and ph around 7.5 with temperature of 82F.
    I have added ammonia...
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  • Alkaline Buffer/Acid Buffer and water changes

    Hello! Hopefully this isn’t a highly asked question and I’m being repetitive, but I’m using Alkaline Buffer and Acid Buffer in my 20 gallon tank and trying to bring it down to a pH of 7.0. My city tap water is ridiculously high at about 8.4 so my pH fluctuates too much. My question...
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  • CLM518
    started a topic Cycling Question

    Cycling Question

    Hello!! I am new to this forum and am very new to keeping fish. Weve had our betta since September 2019 and recently got a 15 gallon tank for him. We set up the new tank and cycled it before moving our betta over. He's been in the tank for a little over a week now and I've been testing the water...
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  • Gaabe
    started a topic Paraguard and Pristine

    Paraguard and Pristine

    so I’ve recently been treating my betta fish with sea chem Paraguard to help his fin rot. However recently the week before I treated the tank with seachem pristine to add that extra layer of bacteria to help maintain water quality with detritus I missed. Does the paraguard harm the pristine b...
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  • ska67
    started a topic Betta popeye treatment

    Betta popeye treatment

    Betta w Popeye: Used Kanaplex two complete treatments. I want to follow up with Paraguard bc not fully cured yet. Or should I do another (3rd) Kanaplex treatment? It's been 4 days with 50% water change since last course of treatment. Please advise. Thank you!...
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  • caleb.matthew
    started a topic Betta Fin Rot - Kanaplex

    Betta Fin Rot - Kanaplex


    I have a betta in a 5 gallon cycled tank, water changes every 48 hours and am currently treating with Kanaplex. He is now on his third dose and I am not seeing any improvement in his fins but I am seeing a general improvement in his movement and demeanor. It was pretty severe fin rot...
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  • Betta acts paralyzed, laying on bottom with head facing up

    A couple weeks ago our betta (Oliver) was not acting as normal. He was hovering on the bottom of the tank (gravel), whci progressed into laying with his head facing somewhat upwards. Ammonia is 0 and he isnt gasping for air so I dont think thats the issue. Ive been changing water 1 or 2x per day,...
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  • The best quarantine for my import off bettas from thailand

    Hellow my friends i need your great expertice to help me. What is foryou the best quarantine for new betta fishes. I know two forms, i will wrtite them and you can told me what is the best or if is another new one better.
    1. kanaplex + metroplex togheter for 1 week.
    2. metroplex the first...
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  • Zypher
    started a topic Velvet Treatment

    Velvet Treatment

    Hello, I have a betta who came down with velvet when I moved him to a new tank with media from two of my other tanks. I’’ve been treating the tank with Paraguard daily since 4/29, however I’’m not seeing much improvement and can still see the parasites. Last dose was about 6 hours ago....
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  • Water changes with Sulfaplex?

    I am treating my 10G tank with Sulfaplex for a Betta with fin rot. Should I do normal water changes? If so, should I add more medication? Thanks.
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  • Epsom or aquarium salt with Kanaplex treatment


    I'm on my second round of treatment with Kanaplex for my Betta with what looks like is still the beginning/mid stages of dropsy. I understand what I'm involved in, but I am trying to remain hopeful.

    I was giving Epsom salt dips 1x per day, they seemed to help and relax...
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