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  • Cuprisorb effect

    People use to link active carbon usage with Blue Tang HLLE disease.
    will using cuprisorb have same issue?

    does cuprisorb change my tank water parameter like hardness kh, ph, trace element, calcium?
    Do we need daily water change?

    How long can we keep cuprisorb in reef tank with fish without hurting them?

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    Also when using cuprisorb, can I dose redsea nopox? Will it cause chemical reaction with cuprisorb and release back copper?


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      Thanks for the post, bfbong!

      CupriSorb is not a like a carbon because it only removes heavy metals from the water and will not remove other things like trace elements. CupriSorb does not alter any of the other parameters in the aquarium i.e. pH, KH, GH, etc. CupriSorb should be used as long as you are experiencing a heavy metal issue in the aquarium or you are specifically removing Cupramine from the water after a treatment. There should not be an issue with dosing the Redsea Nopox while using CupriSorb.

      I hope this helps!


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        I use cuprisorb for 2 weeks in the display tank.. but don't see any changes after I test with seachem multitest copper test kit.
        Should I increase the cuprisorb dosage?


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          I added 12ml of cuprisorb to 27liter nano tank. Current seachem multi test copper reading as shown in the picture attachment, which look the same 2 weeks ago. Is this expected?
          Not sure if I can put hammer coral with that copper reading.
          The tank contain live rock and sand.
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            Thanks for the post, bfbong!

            Have you noticed the color of the CupriSorb changing from gold to blue? If not, then it might not be getting enough water forced through the media to effectively remove all the copper. Where is the CupriSorb placed in your filter? Ideally, water should be forced through the media for effective removal and not allow much of the water to bypass the media.


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              I place the cuprisorb inside my canister filter. CupriSorb did not change any color yet.
              I'm using Shiruba XB-305 external canister filter: Shiruba XB-305 External Canister Filter (up to 27 Gal) – Aqua Forest Aquarium

              Does it mean CupriSorb is not working?

              I’ve uploaded today copper reading in the attachment using seachem multi test copper test kit. Can this test kit detect anything other than copper?

              Will increase CupriSorb dosage help to speed up copper removal, without causing any issues to the fishes in the tank?

              I have 3 fishes, 1 favia frag inside the tank.
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                The MultiTest Copper only detects copper - all types of copper. CupriSorb can also remove other heavy metals including cadmium and iron. It may also remove lead, but we do not have any data on lead removal so we cannot guarantee it. If it is removing any metals, then the media should be turning blue to indicate the removal. You can increase the amount of CupriSorb without issue.