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Best product to increase coraline algae.

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  • Best product to increase coraline algae.

    Dosing Kalkwasser for Coralline Algae.
    2 Yrs old Nano Saltwater (14 Gallon) with 1 Mini Max Green Carpet & 1 Maroon Clown and few Rocks (Canister Filter) Kessil A80 Light.

    Tank parameters :

    PH : 7.9
    Calcium : 440ppm
    Alkalinity : 3dkh (Low Alkalinity)
    Nitrates : 40ppm

    Just want to try Kalkwasser(very slowly) to increase alkalinity for coralline algae.

    Should i try drip method or or top off method(once a week).
    Should i dose at day or night time.

    I am dosing old Purple Up but not getting much result so want to try kalkwasser for coralline algae.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Good day zaitmi,

    I would recommend manually dosing small amounts of Kalkwasser solution (not the dry product) while closely monitoring KH and pH when starting to use it. Once you've figured out your tank's consumption rate then you can switch to a drip line or other hands-off application method. Since pH tends to drop overnight I would dose when the lights are out once you've found the proper supplementation rate.

    Some things that come to mind with an NO3 concentration as high as you've got:

    1. That represents a lot of waste in the system; I'd recommend doing more frequent water changes and adding Purigen to help remove dissolved organics that contribute to nitrogen load.

    2. Organic debris (feces, decaying food, etc) adds acids to an aquarium which will contribute to a lower pH.

    3. Do you know your Magnesium concentration? It's important to maintain proper ratios of Ca, Mg, and carbonates in salt water aquariums to help keep water chemistry stable.

    4. Coralline algae prefer good water quality; reducing NO3 and PO4 will help it grow faster.

    Kind regards,