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Camallanus + Flukes(?)

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  • Camallanus + Flukes(?)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	110.8 KB ID:	25970 Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	72.0 KB ID:	25971 Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	71.0 KB ID:	25972 Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	81.4 KB ID:	25973

    ​Hey all! There’s a lot going on here so let me simplify by giving you the timeline of this new tank.

    Initial substrate + water / equipment setup with java moss and marimbo balls: 05/22
    Added 2 Angelfish (definitely came with Camallanus 1 died): 06/11
    Added plant bundle (online order): 06/12
    Added 2 German rams (before realizing Camallanus crisis: 06/19

    GH: 5
    No3: 5-10
    No2: 0
    cl: 0
    Kh: 5
    PH: 6.8
    Ammonia: 0

    I realized 06/19 that my angels were ill, and I saw the red worms so I ordered levamisole and did 3 days. 1 angel died before the order came in.

    over this time, the Germans started flashing, slowly getting worse, I thought maybe it was the levamisole. My remaining angel seemed cleared of the obvious Camallanus infestation, but still flashing, but no longer bloated.

    i figured there was an ectoparasite, and since the angels had those worms I was going to use ParaGuard right after the first round of Levamisole for 2 weeks regardless (although maybe I should do longer?

    After 3 days of Levamisole, did a 55% water change, added carbon back into filter for 24 hours.

    Then I started using the ParaGuard, flashing got so much worse and I was really concerned about possible remaining aquarium salt in the tank interacting negatively with the aldehydes and malachite, although I would imagine there’s very little salt left in the tank,

    but then I saw many different creatures in the first 2-3 days of ParaGuard. Some looked similar to the Camallanus larvae (really small, 1-2mm worms). But the Camallanus larvae we’re stuck to the tank glass, these ones were squiggling around (hundreds) all over. And then this silver one. And now these mid stage I’m assuming Flukes? The German rams have a white layer over parts of them, it must be mucus after clearing out skin parasites perhaps

    can anyone tell me what this stuff is? I also took a picture of a red worm I found in my filter after the first angel died which I’m assuming is a Camallanus worm.

    either way, the medication isn’t killing this fish which is good! The levamisole seemed extremely effective (I used it with a very light Epsom salt dose, although I'm told never to mix medication stuff.. I was really worried about the worms being stuck and not being able to pass, and kill the Angel regardless.)
    I didn't seem to have any adverse reactions to this mix fortunately.

    German rams are not having a good time now that this ectoparasite has fully developed inside them. The ParaGuard does seem to be effective on whatever it is, but the first day of medication was really rough for everyone. Perhaps it was killing and dislodging a lot of parasites immediately, or the medication is a little stressful on cichlids. But we are on day 4, and they are improving

    if you know what I have, please let me know! I will be quarantining everything after this before putting in tank. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in the hobby so of course I made a mistake but lesson learned. Thanks!
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