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    Hi, I have an established 240lt planted tank with a good amount of fish, main plants are anubias and java ferns. I use the following products: Seachem Flourish, Flourish excel and Prime.

    Today I noticed that my main overhead/trickle filter wasn't working!!! (New powerhead for this has been ordered on next day delivery), but I'm now thinking of adding a second filter as a back up! The one I am looking at is an internal filter that comes with 2 Poly/Carbon Cartridges, would the use of the carbon take anything away from the Seachem products that I am using, to the extent it would take needed nutrients away from my plants?

    I'm also looking at using Seachem stability to quickly boost the beneficial bacteria again, as it will have died off in the original filter media and to also help the new filter get going.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Thanks for the post, Avo71!

    Our supplements are in such a bio-available form that the carbon should not impact them. The plants should uptake the nutrients faster than the carbon, however, it is possible for some lower quality carbons to remove essential trace nutrients from a system. If you are able to remove the carbon that comes with the filter, I would recommend replacing it with our Purigen, which will have zero impact on any supplements you are adding to the tank. Purigen is a great alternative to carbon in planted tanks, as it is an organic scavenging resin that only removes nitrogenous waste and will not remove anything else. It also helps to clarify the water and remove tannins, if applicable. It comes in a small 100 mL pouch that will usually fit in the smallest of filters.

    I hope this helps!


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      OK thanks for the reply, great help ;)


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        No worries!