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Changing filter and Stablility

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  • Tech Support AN
    Thanks for the post, art3011!

    I will answer your questions in the order they were asked for sake of clarity:

    1. I would recommend the initial 7 day dosing, which will help to re-seed the new media with plenty of beneficial bacteria.
    2. You should not have to alter your dosing, as it should not interfere with the bacterial colonization. If you can dose the Stability or seed as close to the filter intake as possible, that will help the bacteria go directly into the filter where it needs to be.

    I hope this helps!

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  • art3011
    started a topic Changing filter and Stablility

    Changing filter and Stablility

    Hi Seachem,

    I have an Eheim Pickup internal filter and I need to replace the foam media because it has become compacted after a couple of years. I am planning on using Stability or Aquavitro Seed when I the replace the media. I supposed the bacteria on the substrate and the hardscape will help seed the new filter media and the plants will also help filter the nitrogenous waste. My water parameters are PH=7.0 nitrate=2.0 phosphate=0.2 nitrite=0 Free Ammonia=0. I use the Aquavitro line and I dose as per instructions except for Synthesis where I dose everyday. I also use Excel every other day.

    My question is:
    1. How much do I dose Stability and for how long.
    2. Should I reduce my ferts while the beneficial bacteria is re-establishing. What sort of dosing regime should I do. I am concerned that if there too many nutrients, I'll get a bacterial bloom.

    Thanks in advance.