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  • Trace dosing

    I note that the directions provided for dosing FLOURISH TRACE call for the prescribed (i.e. calculated) single dose to be given twice a week. If you wanted to find the daily dose equivalent, the math is easy enough. For instance, in my case, for 200 gallons, the dose is 50 ml twice a week - or 100 ml per week, which is 14 ml per day. For automatic dosing with a peristaltic pump this is a simple single event timer program.

    The question is what is the reason for the directed twice weekly dose distribution? Why do it this way?

    Related to this is the recommendation to stagger a TRACE dose with that of FLOURISH COMPREHENSIVE. I test for iron almost daily and I dose FLOURISH daily with an automatic doser. The single event timer program for this is calibrated to maintain water column Fe at circa 0.3 ppm. At this dose rate I assume that Mn and the other micros in FLOURISH are being provided in sufficient quantities and correct proportions. If the TRACE dose is distributed on a daily basis, does this alter the recommendation? Should these daily doses be administered at different times of day?

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    Hello Paul,

    All of the Flourish line of products can be dosed daily on an auto-doser as long as the proper dose for your tank is calculated. In fact, this is often the best way to use them. As far as Flourish Trace and Flourish dosing are concerned, if your doser puts them in an hour or so between there will be no issues at all. Please keep in mind that if you do a significant water change (50% or more) you may need to add an extra dose of them after if you find your tank has a higher nutrient demand than is provided by the basic dose. This is true for all Flourish products as well; feel free to increase the amount dosed if the plants start showing signs of deficiency.