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Rescaping my tank after a long battle with BBA

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  • Rescaping my tank after a long battle with BBA

    Hi guys, I just threw out basically all of my plants and I'm really unsure of what I want to do with my tank. I got BBA from some ammania I bought and after months of battling it I just decided I was done with it. I had been doing hydrogen peroxide dips, trimming any plants that had BBA, and dosing the tank with excel(BBA apparently hates glute) but it was only really keeping it at bay. My tank had become a source of stress instead of a stress reliever so I took what I think is the only step I can short of taking it down and completely starting over. Now all I have left is one trimming of super red ludwigia and the crypts that I've been growing for years. I have taken out all of my wood and stones and boiled them, then let them sit in a dilluted hydrogen peroxide solution. There might be a bit of BBA left but I have a bunch of algae eaters that I won't be feeding for a while to hopefully knock it out for good. How long should I wait before I rescape and add new plants? I have fairly high intensity lighting and co2 as well as good ferts so I can grow basically anything, I want to try something that will be pretty but won't take over the tank and restrict swimming area for my corys. Thanks for reading

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    Hello Merlin647,

    I'm sorry to hear about your battle against the Dread Pirate Blackbeard, it's never an easy fight for anyone. In my years of keeping planted aquariums I've found BBA to show up and thrive when CO2 drops (cans run out) and/or when the tank has a high concentration of dissolved organic compounds/carbon. Your best course of action now is to do what you've done with your hardscape, drop your light intensity to around 60%, get your CO2 up (I'd recommend using our pH Checker to make sure you're at proper concentration), add Purigen, and keep your tank and filter(s) clean. Please keep in mind that Excel is intended to be used as a carbon source for plants, dosed strictly according to the directions, and not as an algaecide. You can absolutely use CO2 and Excel together. I do so to make sure there's carbon available while CO2 is ramping up.

    Kind regards,