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  • Covered in algae

    I have a nano tank with a green fuzz algae problem. I have nerites and cherry shrimp, and Japnese trapdoor snails but everyone is sulking in the back of the tank, and not eating. I use Seachem Acid Buffer and Alkaline buffer to manage the kH, as my tap water is quite soft, Prime to condition the water, and Equilibrium to increase the gH. My ammonia is 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 20-40, phosphates 2.0, kH 5, gH 5, pH 7.8. If i do big water changes, the cherry shrimp moult, and I've lost several, so I've been trying to reduce changes to once weekly, and haven't fed any supplemental food for a week. I fertilize with Easy Green, and have increased my amounts, and just decreased my light to 8 hours a day. Any suggestions?

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    Hello dipink,

    The source of your problems; both the algae and stress behavior, are due to your nitrate and phosphate levels. How heavily planted is it? For an ornamental shrimp/snail tank you're going to want to get your NO3 to 5 and PO4 to 0.5. Small (10%) daily water changes and reduced fertilization will help accomplish this. What are you using for filtration?