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Question About Dosing Flourish Trace

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  • Question About Dosing Flourish Trace

    I'm looking for advice on dosing Trace. I got Flourish Trace because I was looking for a trace mix that didn't contain iron. I dose iron separately.

    My question is, since Flourish Trace is my only source of micro nutrients (with separate iron addition), how often should I do the recommended dose? The Seachem chart tells me to dose 2x/wk, but that's in addition to Flourish Comprehensive which I don't use.

    My tank is heavily planted low light with pressurized Co2. 10% weekly water changes. Mix of fast and slow growing plants. I'm also using Flourish Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen for my macros.


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    I've had better success dosing daily. Of course, you have to divide the dose by how many days are in two weeks or water the instructions say. The reason it worked better for me daily is because, by the end of the first week and going into the second week, my plants would go from a lush green to a dull yellow. They'd grow too fast with the abundance of nutrients during each dose, and then there won't be enough nutrients to support the new (excessive) growth by the end of the week(s). So, dosing daily (for me), allowed my plants to grow at a consistent rate without ever showing any signs of deficiency.


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      Hello Maurice,

      I typically dose traces 2-3x per week, depending on how heavily the tank's planted and if it's primarily fast growth or slow growth species. I'd start with 2x weekly and go up to 3x if you think your plants need it.

      Kind regards,