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GSA, Phosphates, and Nitrates

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  • GSA, Phosphates, and Nitrates

    Hi Seachem!

    I'm suspecting some of my plants are suffering from phosphate deficiency. The signs are all over the place - leaves of the affected plants have dark spots, some have turned brown and died despite having high nitrates at more than 40ppm, and GSA grows on glass, rocks, and leaves in some plants.

    I could not confirm it with a test kit though, but assuming my diagnosis is correct and I start dosing Flourish Phosphorus (which I've ordered and expecting to be delivered in the coming days btw), should I expect the nitrate level to go down considerably?


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    Hello marlons,

    GSA is a good sign that your tank's PO4 deficient, so you did the right thing in getting Flourish Phosphorus. Since your NO3's so high, I'd recommend doing a 50% water change then adding enough PO4 to get up to 1.0 ppm. As long as the tank's not deficient in anything else, including carbon, you should see NO3 decrease as the plants start taking it up in greater amounts.

    Kind regards,