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Plant Newbie needing some Seachem pro advice

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    If you're anywhere southeast of London, chances are good you've got calcium carbonate underground, so your readings aren't surprising to me. You can use Reef Advantage Magnesium to dose specifically for Mg and Flourish Potassium for the K. This won't increase your GH nearly as much since the Mg is needed in much lower concentrations than Ca (approx. 5 ppm Mg vs approx. 15 ppm Ca)

    Kind regards,


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      Yes I'm south east of London. Water is very hard and Alkaline.

      Thanks very much for the above info.

      I'm currently doing the 7 day Seachem flourish calendar. But I must admit my plants, especially the Reineckii is not looking great, it's looking more and more brown everyday with leaves just dissolving/rotting away. :-(

      I've also been looking at Seachem Alkaline and Acid buffer recently too. My PH is currently sitting at around 7.8 would it be worth using some Acid buffer to bring this down a little, or leave as is? Just don't want to go upsetting the fish, had most of them a very long time.



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        Good day Rich,

        Yes, Acid buffer will work well to reduce pH by reducing KH. The acid isn't what will drop pH as it's intended to interact with bicarbonates and carbonates in the tank, thereby reducing buffering and through that, pH. I'd start with 1/2 dose and SLOWLY bring pH down so as to not stress your fish.