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  • 40 Breeder Lighting

    I've got a fairly well planted 40 breeder and I want to upgrade to leds from my florescents. Initially I planned on getting a fluval 3.0 but I've heard that it may have some spread issues. I use a glass lid and it has a black connecter in the middle, so should I get something like two finnex stingray 2s or one 3.0? I have to keep the lid on as my cat would love to take a swim in my tank. I've mostly got medium light stuff but my ludwigia and pogostemon really appreciate higher levels of light. I run co2 and ferts and I've got them dialed in well so no problems there. Thanks

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    Hello Merlin647,

    That's a good question and it often comes down to personal taste. There's not really a good way to overcome shadowing from a frame brace, but the best way I've found is to use a light that goes across the whole tank. Thankfully, the diodes in LED fixtures are dispersed a bit along the fixture so the shadow effect is less pronounced than when using fluorescent bulbs or LED spotlights. As far as choice of fixture, that's completely up to your taste and budget.

    Kind regards,