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Need Seachem Fertilizer help

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  • Need Seachem Fertilizer help

    I have 18 Gallon Freshwater tank, fully cycled with below

    Fishes :-
    Two Amano Shrimp
    One powder Gourami
    5 Guppies
    Plants :-
    Hair Grass
    Java moss on dog wood
    Anubias nana
    Cabomba Caroliniana

    I have seachem products, for anti-chlorine and to ammonia control Prime. I also have Seachem Pack Level 1, Level 2 and Flourish trace. I am dosing those fertilizer regularly as per your website Dose Chart.I am not dosing Alkaline Buffer, Acid Buffer and Equilibrium but I am doing 40% water change on every 7th day.

    It is now 6 weeks but I could see only one leaf flourish on my anubias nana, very little runner of hair grass.

    On my glass some powder green algae and brown on my glass is started. Whenever I am getting time I am just cleaning by rubbing with cotton clothe.

    Kindly can you guide me how can I flourish my java moss and also make carpet of hair grass. Do I am missing something or doing wrong ??

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    Re: Need Seachem Fertilizer help

    Well there somebody who can help me ?


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      Re: Need Seachem Fertilizer help

      I apologize for the delayed reply.

      There are a couple of things that could be happening. The first issue might be the lighting. Hair grass needs bright lighting to thrive.

      Another issue could be not having the macronutrients in the proper ratio. Fish waste and uneaten food will add some nitrates and phosphates to the water in addition to what you are dosing, so this could affect the levels of the nitrogen and phosphorus available to the plants and algae. You want nitrates roughly 10 times higher than your phosphates. I usually aim for nitrates around 10 mg/L and phosphates around 1 mg/L. If either is significantly higher or lower than this, it can effect the growth of the plants and encourage algae growth. Adjust your dosing as needed.

      Another possibility is that the plants are simply still getting established. Anubias are slow growing plants and add leaves slowly. Also, when first established, rooted plants will focus their growth on building their root system, so it may appear that they aren't growing. Once their roots become more established, they will begin spreading more quickly. This may be what is happening with your hair grass. Even if there are only a few of them now, the runners are a good sign. Many aquatic plants are also grown emersed (out of the water) because they grow faster and with thicker leaves that ship better, but when they are put in an aquatic environment, they have to adjust and change their growth pattern. This can take some time. If your lighting is sufficient and your nutrient levels are in the proper ratio, then it may just be a matter of waiting for the plants to get more established before you see a growth spurt.