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Plants always rotting

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  • Plants always rotting

    My plants are tied on the wood and I place them in the area of the tank where there is most light for them to photosynthesize. But they always rot and die off or they don't seen to be healthy anymore when they start turning yellowish. I think I am not giving them enough nutrition. I had checked the site on plant products but I am not sure what to get as there are many products. I would like to know which product is recommended for my situation? Thank you.
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    Re: Plants always rotting

    There could be a couple of different issues. Depending on what kind of plants you have, they may need more light. The next consideration would be making sure the water quality is good. Make sure the tank is fully cycled and no longer shows any ammonia or nitrite when tested.

    Once those considerations are taken care of, it is time to consider supplements. Our three most popular plant supplements are Flourish, Flourish Excel, and Flourish Iron.

    Flourish (also referred to as "Flourish Comprehensive") contains a variety of nutrients and minerals that plants need and is a good starting point for dosing.

    Flourish Excel helps encourage plant growth. It is a good addition once your plants are established.

    Flourish Iron helps add back the iron that plants need. Yellowing of new growth can be a sign that iron is deficient.