Rotala rotundifolia serious issue (not going no matter wht I add in high quantities)
  • Hello guys I'm new to the forum I'm am having a huge issue with my rotala rotundifolia green and h'ra As u can see in the pictures The leaves are getting thin and transparent on the lower top area of the plant
    Nitrate 25ppm Potassium 40 ppm Phosphate 6 ppm Co2 30 ppm Iron 0.35 ppm High lighting Medium fish load Amazonia aqua soil 8 months old All types of micros using tropica specialized nutrition and seachem full line (N,P,K,trace,iron,comprehensive) Using tap water dechlorinated dgh 4 ph 6.4 overall
    But I dont seem to understand this deficiency it's been there from a really long time The only algae issue that keeps popping up is green spot algae
    U might hav to zoom in abit on the plant mid section
    Can anyone please help me to understand this issue Only algae present is green spot algae
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