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    Hi, I'm currently using another brand of carbo daily and am thinking of switching to Excel as I'm about to run out. My worry is that a lot of reviews say not to overdose as it could kill my fish! Looking at the guide to use it, it states "On initial use or after a major (> 40%) water change, use 1 capful (5 mL) for every 40 L (10 US gallons). Thereafter use 1 capful for every 200 L (50 US gallons) daily or every other day. For smaller dosing please note that each cap thread is approximately 1 mL."

    My tank is 240 litres and I normally dose for 200 litres, my weekly water changes are normally 20-30%, so would I still need to work out what the 1st big dose would be or could I just dose 5ml per day from the off, as I'm already using carbo in the tank? I'm just worried that a bigger initial dose would harm my fish.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there, thanks for reaching out!

    Unfortunately, there is nothing in the world that cannot be overdosed. That being said, when dosed appropriately, Excel is perfectly safe for fish and invertebrates in your planted tanks. If you're dosing just for 200L, then you can just use the 5mL maintenance dose with no problem, if you see a need in the future, you can always increase your dosage :)

    Hope this helps!


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      OK thanks.


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        No problem at all, happy to help!