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  • Flourish and SeaGel

    Hi there ... thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question.

    I have been receiving some conflicting information about the wisdom of using SeaGel at the same time as I am adding Flourish to my tank. The guidance I am getting from my local dealer is that the SeaGel will remove some of the compounds introduced by the Flourish, and thus not leave behind the trace minerals needed for my plants. However, I seem to recall finding some other opinions in these forums that suggest the compounds provided by the Flourish will NOT be removed by the SeaGel.

    As the manufacturer of both products, can you please clarify? Am I reducing the effectiveness of the Flourish by using SeaGel in my filter? Would the same be true for Equilibrium?

    What about Purigen? (I am assuming it is 100% safe to use with Flourish or other trace mineral supplements since it is so specific in scavenging only organic compounds, but I would feel better if you would confirm)

    BACKGROUND - I have a 72gal Bowfront that I am using primarily as a turtle tank. My turtles are VERY messy creatures, so keeping decent water quality is a real challenge.

    The secret, I have found, is gratuitous use of aquatic plants. Unfortunately, my turtles really like to eat plants, so I can only keep plastic plants inside the main tank, and instead rely on an external refugium under the tank to house the plants so the turtles can't get to them.

    The micron filters at the inlet to the refugium and the dense packing of Hornwort (Ceratophyllum) within the refugium chamber (since it does not require substrate and can be left free-floating), make a big difference - much better than I could ever get from a canister filter. I use separate CF lighting on the refugium 24/7 to maximize productivity.

    However, I also rely on both Purigen and SeaGel (which I keep in bags in the bubble trap between the refugium chamber and the return pump area to ensure water flow through the filter media) to help mop up excess organic waste that the plants don't absorb.

    Between the micron filters, plant material in the refugium, and the SealGel/Purigen, my water quality is perfect.

    At the same time, I am on well water which is extremely hard and contains lots of iron, and therefore only use RO/DI water to which I then add Equilibrium (when performing water changes) to restore proper GH and trace minerals for the plants. I'm not really sure if I need to, but I also add Flourish once per week to keep the Horwort thriving.

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    Re: Flourish and SeaGel

    Thanks for the detailed post!

    The SeaGel nor the Purigen, will remove any of the nutrients that you are adding with Equilibrium or Flourish. Our products are formulated so that the plant or coral or animal will take up the nutrients almost immediately, therefore, do not hang out long enough in the water column to be removed by filtration. Your inhabitants will receive all of the benefits from the supplements, even in the presence of Purigen and SeaGel.

    I hope this helps!