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How to dose Ferts - Flourish/Potassium

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  • How to dose Ferts - Flourish/Potassium

    Good afternoon everyone,

    so a few weeks ago I started dosing Excel following the instructions from a member of Seachem Support. After a couple weeks of 'thriving' growth, some plats such as the Staurogyene Repens and some others started to show either some little holes or a bright white-green colour. I have very few fish, some amanos and a few snails, and for now I do not plan on buying more in the short term for university related reasons. So I contacted my local fish-store and they recommended me to use these two products: Flourish Potassium and Flourish.

    I've been dosing both of them 1ml per day at around 7pm, which is when I get home. To recap: My tank is now 6 months old, 120L real and with quite a lot of plants which after starting to dose Excel, seem to enjoy the ferts and show better colour. The lightning is more than good and substrate is nutritive.

    My question again is:
    ·Am I dosing the right amount? (For now I am following the dosing my local fish store recommended me).
    ·Is it best if I dose everything in the morning instead of in the afternoon?; I dose Excel at around 8.30am and Potassium and Floursih at 7pm (light period is from 12.30pm to 8.30pm).

    Thanks again for all the help!


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    Btw this is how is looks as of today. Plants in the middle finally start to grow, even though they are so small that can not be seen in the pic.


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      Thanks for the post, Bluono!

      We typically recommend dosing your plant supplements in the morning after the lights come on. The plants begin photosynthesizing once the lights turn on, therefore, will utilize most of their nutrients throughout the photoperiod (during the day). As for the dosing schedule, this is what we would recommend:

      Flourish Excel - daily or every other day (3mL or half a cap)
      Flourish Potassium - every other day (5mL or full cap)
      Flourish - twice weekly (2.4 mL or just under half a cap)

      This is a great place to start with supplements. Now as the plants begin growing, you may find that you have to add other supplements along the way so they remain happy and healthy. Keep an eye on your nitrates and phosphates, so they don't get out of whack. You never want those to be zero and ideally, you want to keep them at about a 10:1 ratio nitrate:phosphate. These are extremely important macro nutrients and if the plants are lacking them, they will decline and algae has the potential to take over.

      I hope this information helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!