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Fluorite Black or Fluorite Black Sand

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  • Fluorite Black or Fluorite Black Sand

    Noob here, want to set up my first aquarium with live plants and I want a black substrate. Why would I choose one over the other? Can they be combined?

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    Hello Boricua3205, thank you for the post! Flourite Black is more gravel like and has larger particles than Flourite Black Sand. Both of them is good with keeping live plants. If you choose to have fish that digs in the substrate like certain cichlids, then it is best to have sand. They have the same mineral composition, one is finer than the other basically. You can certainly can mix them. Hope this helps!


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      Thanks, just a Betta and maybe a couple Nerites and/or some shrimp. Haven’t decided on the shrimp, they might become food.. lol


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ID:	23964 Hello from a fello noob. When I started getting into plants I changed out my regular gravel to a combination of the black sand and black flourite. I put down a layer of the sand and topped it off with the flourite black. So far it's worked great for me, it keeps my plants from being unrooted by my cory catfish, and looks gorgeous.
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          Thanks for the input, Ritamaehollen!! We are glad that the substrates are working out for you! :)