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Prime and nitrate

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  • Prime and nitrate

    After reading other posts here it seems Prime converts nitrate into nitrogen gas.
    If that is true, Prime might not be the right choice for planted tanks.
    I recently went through a mini-cycle an nitrite has just returned to 0 reading.
    Through the cycle I did many water changes and added Prime.
    I'm asking the question as right know I'm unsure i Prime or the water changes has resulted in very low readings of nitrate, even though I have continued to add nitrates daily.

    It seems the answers across the web about this issue are divided:
    1. Prime binds nitrate for 48 hrs and are still availble for the plants
    2. Prime turns nitrate into nitrogen gas (N2), therefor not available to plants as it leaves the water.

    So what is correct?

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    Just thought I'd do a test myself.
    Picture shows a decent high concentrate with NO3.
    Left vial just solution.
    Right vial solution with 3 drops of Prime.
    Both vial aerated before test.
    It seems that with Prime NO3 is either vapored of or not detectable.
    I have a third vial with solution and Prime which I'll test in 48+hrs to see if NO3 is gone or just not detectable.


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      Hello Klinakorr! If you don't mind me asking, what were the results of the test after 48 hours? What test kit did you use?

      I look forward to your response!


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        Sorry for not updating.
        There were no detectable nitrate after 48 hrs.
        Using JBL drop test (from the proscape kit).
        I have continued to use prime in my planted tank, and I have good readings for nitrate so I can't really explain the test results as 'real life' use in the tank can't back up the test results.