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  • Low Kh and Gh

    recently I started a new tank (300 liter) but from the start the Kh and Gh are very very low (Kh = 0...yes realy 0 and Gh = 3) how to get those higher for a longer period? Every day I do a 40% water change for the first week and this will bring (even after some additives) the Kh and Gh down again cause the water from the tap is very soft plants don't like it at the moment

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    Re: Low Kh and Gh

    Thanks for the post!

    If you are doing daily water changes, then you will certainly deplete the KH and GH levels if you are not replenishing them each time. For increasing your KH, I would recommend using our Acid and Alkaline Buffers in order to target a specific pH, while also maintaining the KH. For increasing your GH, I would recommend using either our Equilibrium or the aquavitro mineralize. These products are specifically designed for a planted aquarium and will increase the calcium and magnesium (general hardness) content of the water. You will want to add one of these initially for the entire volume of water, and thereafter, add it at water changes for the amount of water you are replacing. To read further about these products, follow the links below:

    I hope this helps!