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Micro-dosing of Flourish (and Excel)

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  • Micro-dosing of Flourish (and Excel)


    I've got couple of precise pumps from some project unrelated to fish tanks, and wanted to use them to micro-dose Flourish & Excel few times a day, but before I do I wanted to check on few topics:
    - is it a good idea in general to dose, say 1/21 of recommended weekly dose 3 times a day, for both Flourish & Excel?
    - I plan to dose Flourish Excel 3 times a day, around the sunrise, 4 hours later, and another 4 hours later (which is 4 hours before the sunset – here in Singapore light day is always 12 hours)
    - Should I do the same for Flourish (or do the plants also consume nutrients in the night?)
    - Should I dose Flourish & Excel at the same time, or is it better to do that at different times?


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    Thanks for the post, zlowred! Mirco-dosing the supplements certainly can help with ensuring that the availability of nutrients is more consistent for your plants. Flourish and Flourish Excel can be dosed together, and I would recommend dosing them both during the hours that the lights will be on in the aquarium (like you plan on doing). The plants will utilize the Flourish in the chloroplast, and the Excel during their photosynthetic process.

    While these two supplements can be dosed together, I would recommend dosing the Flourish less frequently than the Excel to avoid potential buildups of organic nutrients in the tank. Typically plants will utilize much more carbon (Excel) than they will organics (Flourish).

    I hope this helps!