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Mixing Flourish Excel with Maracyn by Mardel

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  • Mixing Flourish Excel with Maracyn by Mardel

    So I have recently finished treating my 30 gallon tank with Maracyn, an antibiotic. I am wondering if I can use Flourish Excel while I use this antibiotic, or any antibiotic, or any fish medicine in general I suppose. I know there probably isn't a flat out "yes" or "no" answer for mixing excel with any medicine, as it may react with some but not others. Any and all information on the topic would be well appreciated. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the post, plantsnrainbows! Unfortunately we have not tested the potential for interaction between Excel and every medication on the market, but Flourish Excel does have reducing properties, so I would not recommend using it alongside any medication that can be negatively impacted when used alongside a reducing agent (like Cupramine).

    If you are concerned about the potential for interaction, I would recommend ceasing use of the Excel during the treatment period, or monitoring closely for signs of stress while using the product and medicating.

    I hope this helps!


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      I see. So it may or may not react with the antibiotic, as it is a reducing agent, and if an oxidation-reduction reaction happens then the molecules may change. Thank you


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        No worries!