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Dust all over my plants after Flourite sand

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  • Dust all over my plants after Flourite sand

    I recently changed to Flourite in my planted tank, I used Black Flourite for the bottom two thirds then Black Flourite Sand on top, I blasted the Flourite with the hose in a tray twice then slowly added it to the tank. there was some cloudiness but it was gone by next morning. I added each layer a few days apart and everything was fine until I added the Flourite sand and ever since then I have a very fine dust all over everything, plants, filter inlet pipe, spray bar and even sleeping fish like my Black Ghost Knife! It will fall off if I tap of flick it but is back again in a couple of hours. The tank is 250 liters, the water is not cloudy at all and even with 2 new canister filters, (Eheim Professional 3e 2074 and Eheim classic 2215) the problem is the same as ever. It has been 3 weeks now and I'm worried that the plants are not getting enough light with all the dust on their leaves, not to mention it is very unsightly. How do I get rid of this dust???

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    Re: Dust all over my plants after Flourite sand

    Thanks for the post and for using our substrates!

    The best way to get rid of the dust is with water changes and siphoning. When the dust gets stirred up, the filter should be able to remove a good bit of it, as well as, a siphon hose. The dust is completely harmless and should not block light from the plants. With a few water changes, the dust should become very minimal.

    I hope this helps!