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    I'm trying to find my way with a good fertilizer regime and have been using Flourish Comprehensive, and Trace, Fresh Trace, Excel on occasion.
    How does Flourish Advance compare to Flourish Comprehensive?

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    Hello MikeV, thank you for the post! Flourish Advance is a completely different supplement than Flourish. Flourish Advance contains natural phytohormones that stimulate fast and healthy growth. During the first ten to fourteen days after application, Flourish Advance works to stimulate root growth. After this initial period, you will see significantly enhanced growth in the leaves and stems of the plants. Flourish Advance also facilitates mineral absorption and improves the immune system of the plants.
    Flourish is comprehensive supplement containing a broad range of micro elements, trace elements and other nutrients that are vital for plant growth. Flourish is designed to be used in conjunction with other macro and micro-nutrient supplements to provide a complete and balanced diet. Many people have excellent results from using both. If you decide to use both supplements, I would recommend dosing them on alternating days.
    I hope this helps and let me know if you need further assistance. Have a great day!