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Seachem Fertilizers dosage

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  • Seachem Fertilizers dosage

    Hello, newbie here!!! :-)

    I have a 60 liters tank which is well established. I have several different plants that were doing just ok while i was dosing Flourish excel, iron and Flourish. But then some black spots started appearing on the staurogyne repens and another plant (1st and 2nd photos) so i decided to add NPK and followed the recommended seachem schedule. When i did add Flourish pottasium, phosphorous and nitorgen the second time around, i noticed green percipitation in the substrate (3rd photo) and the next day the leaves on the cryptocoryn petchii and another plant next to it (which used to be very bushy) starting dissolving and fell (4th and 5th photo). I have 1 betta fish, 20 neon tetras, 2 nirite snails and 8 amano shrimps.

    Please help me with dosages and any recommendation would be greatly appreciates. Also, it doesnt seem that any LFS here in the UAE carry Flourish Trace, is there any alternative?

    Below are some useful info:

    60 liters tank
    Zetlight 590 led light - 23 W, I keep the lights on for 10 hrs a day
    Eheim classic 150 cannister filter

    The water parameters are:

    Ph 7.6
    Ph high range 7.4
    Nitrate 40ppm
    Nitrite 0
    Ammonia 0

    *** for some reason the photos appear very tiny when you click on them.

    Thank youuuu

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    One week and still no feedback from Seachem??? :-))))))


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      Hello aloush, thank you for the post! I wasn't able to view the pictures because they were so small. It would enable me to better assist you if you can upload the pictures again or if this forum wouldn't allow that, you can send them to our support account [email protected]. I will be on the lookout for that and help you from there as well.

      Thank you!


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        Hello, thank you for the reply. I will forward the images to the email.


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          No worries! Thank you!