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Flourish advance seems to be rancid

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  • Flourish advance seems to be rancid

    My bottle of flourish advance has an expiry date of 7/20. I have been using it for the last 8 months without any issues. Today the liquid smelled sour and unusual. Also it isn't the transparent golden colour anymore, it looks milky. Is it still okay to use? Or has the product somehow rotten. If it has rotten what are the possible causes?
    A reply would be much awaited.

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    Thanks for the post, Saptarshi! Flourish Advance can vary a bit in color and smell based on the parameters in the warehouse during the time of manufacture. How has the bottle been stored? Have you mixed anything into the bottle?

    We look forward to your response!


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      The bottle was stored the same way it was the last 8 months, and it was perfectly okay the entire time, now it smells like a rotten orange, has an acidic tinge to it, looks murky. The last few months the temperature in my city has been never more than 23 degree Celsius and never less than 15. And it was certainly not contaminated because I was dosing using the bottle cap itself. Please help.


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        Hello Saptarshi, thanks for the reply. Flourish Advance can smell "rancid", as some users describe it has the smell of sweet and sour sauce. This is absolutely normal. Can you take a picture with the Flourish Advance liquid in a clear cup with white background, so that we can take a look at the color of it?