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Flourish: Full Potency Forever ...Or Not?

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  • Flourish: Full Potency Forever ...Or Not?

    Why do you recommend refrigerating Flourish after three months, if opened?

    I see where your tech people contradict your instructions by saying that it doesn't matter on websites such as on the website "Aquarium Advice." The correct answer must be one or the other..

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    Hi there Deanna! As Flourish contains some trace elements, the usefulness of the product can be depleted over time through exposure to air. Likewise, as it contains organics, it can eventually play host to molds and funguses that render it useless (or at least too gross to use). The refrigeration is intended to slow or stop that second process, but as long as you don't find anything growing in the bottle, the product should still be good until the expiration date listed on the packaging, with little effectiveness lost as long as the bottle is kept closed between uses.