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Chlorine necessity

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  • Chlorine necessity


    In my aquarium I use RO/DI water (remineralized with a commercial product) and Flourish Trace. I just realized Trace doesn't have any chlorine in it. Thus there would be no sources of chlorine for my tank.

    Is this a problem? I am not familiar with what signs of Cl deficiency would be. Is Trace okay for use with remineralized RO/DI water, or is it meant to be used in conjunction with tap water already containing some micronutrients?


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    Thanks for the post! This should not be a problem at all. Flourish Trace is perfect for use a couple of times a week to replenish the trace minerals.


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      After looking at the ingredients it looks like it has nickel chloride.

      It seems like this product is very dilute. Even with a double dose it is only beginning to approach what other commercial aquarium fertilizers add, and seems especially low in Mn and Mo. I am still seeing micronutrient deficiencies (symptoms I've seen in the past that were resolved by increasing trace dosage) at a a double dose. My tank is heavily planted, with medium light (50-60 PAR at substrate) and CO2. I use 100% remineralized RO/DI water, so the Flourish Trace is the only source of trace minerals for the tank.

      Are the instructions intended for a non-CO2, moderately planted, tank using dechlorinated tap water already containing some trace minerals? They don't seem to cut it for my tank.


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        Every tank is different and will require different amounts of fertilizers. If you have found that our dosage is on the low end for your plants, it is perfectly fine to increase the dosage to meet the needs of your plants.