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Phosphate uptake rate, timing with iron

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  • Phosphate uptake rate, timing with iron


    I am contemplating how long after dosing phosphate (0.6 ppm from KH2PO4) I can dose Flourish iron without fear of precipitation. I like to dose each nutrient every day, instead of every other day or only a few times weekly as some do.


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    Thanks for the post! I would recommend dosing the Flourish Iron first, as it is a ferrous form of iron that is almost immediately taken up by the plants. If you dose the Flourish Iron first, you should be able to dose the Flourish Phosphorous several hours later without precipitation.


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      I already do this. However, I'm interested in experimenting with dosing multiple times daily using an autodoser (vs the standard single daily dose), so am trying to time an iron dose both before and after the phosphate dose (which would be just once daily).


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        Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly how long it will take for the plants to uptake the iron, as this varies in each environment. My recommendation would be to test the levels every 30 minutes to an hour to see exactly when all of the iron has been removed from the water column.