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Prime and ionic imbalance, osmotic pressure

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  • Prime and ionic imbalance, osmotic pressure

    Hello, I was wondering what happens to the salts in prime when in the aquarium, do they disappear over time? Does prime contain chloride, or sulfate? Is there a chance over time that the sodium will supersede the calcium and magnesium ions? Perhaps creating an ionic imbalance, and greater osmotic pressure.

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    Below is an excerpt from an article I read by Joe Gargas.

    Chloride ion is now
    the major anion superseding, alkalinity/carbonate
    bicarbonate, sulfate and sodium is now the major
    cation superseding calcium and magnesium.

    This was from an article he wrote about water chemistry, the dangers of conditioners, and how activated carbon is the best method for removing chlorine and chloramines.
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      It's quite a good question, so we can address it. With routine water changes in an aquarium, there is no way for the salts in Prime to buildup, as they are very insignificant. Unfortunately, we can not disclose the exact mechanism of how Prime works, but please rest assured that even when dosing it on a regular basis, nothing will build up in the aquarium. :)

      I hope this helps!