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Flourish Tabs in Potted Plants

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  • Flourish Tabs in Potted Plants

    Hello everyone!

    I snagged some cultured plants, stuck them in some pots with gravel and plastic mesh on the bottom to keep the gravel in so I could easily clean around them. I stuck a flouish tab in each pot right below the root ball. The pots are very small (2") so there is not much gravel above or below where the tabs are at.

    I noticed two things today, one was that if I lift the pot out of the water so that water drains out, the tabs runoff (blackish water) is quite noticeable, no big deal since I dont plan on lifting them out but I am being hyper paranoid that the tabs may affect he water and the fish negatively. I am raising up juvie Discus so really dont want to do anything to harm them. Everyone seems to be behaving normally, one is hiding more than normal but his fins are out and he is eating so could just be a coincidence.

    I trust Seachem, but want to make sure I am OK to use these in a pot since the water circulation through the tab will be much greater than if it were under substrate. Also want to make sure that its OK to have the tab so close to the roots (but MUCH less concerned about that than my fish) :)

    I have done a bit of searching and see people claiming their discus were sluggish when dosing the liquid version, etc, could just be coincidence/paranoia but just would like some feedback here :)

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for the post! It is perfectly fine to use the Flourish Tabs in the potted plants. The Flourish Tabs are also 100% safe for fish, including Discus. They may break down more quickly since the water flow through them is much greater than normal, but the plants will still be able to utilize the nutrients from the tabs.

    I hope this helps!