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Dosing flourish comp and trace on same day

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  • Dosing flourish comp and trace on same day


    I am tempting to start a EI style dosing regime with flourish products. I have a couple of heavy high light planted aquariums, but with dry ferts it's really not stable enough for small aquariums that I have-29 and 15. I would basically dose macros-flourish nitrogen, phophorus, and potassium-three days a week and dose my micros on the alternate three days a week with a fifty percent water change on the last day with only excel being dosed. I like to use flourish trace and comprehensive, i was wandering-since comp has little amounts of macros- If I could dose Iron, trace, and comprehensive on the same day for my micros?

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    Re: Dosing flourish comp and trace on same day

    Thank you for your questions and for using our products.

    Yes, there is no reason why you could not follow the dosing regimen that you have laid out. The only thing that I might point out is that perhaps 3 days of comprehensive may be adding a bit more organic components than you will need for your small tanks. I would suggest only dosing comprehensive once or twice weekly.

    Have a nice day.