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Aquavitro - how much potassium (k)

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  • Aquavitro - how much potassium (k)

    Hello, I have just started using your Aquavitro range for my planted tank (60ltr), I am dosing to EI levels.

    I would like to know how much Potassium (K) is in the Activate (P) and Synthesis (N) products. says to add 3.4ml of - Synthesis (NO3) - To reach your target of 7.5ppm NO3. To keep the 5:1 ratio as stated on the Aquavitro bottles I add the same mount of Activate (P), I dose these two ferts 3 - 4 times a week and dose Envy(micro / trace) and Propel (iron) on the other days.

    I would really love to know what Level of K i am adding to the tank using the products above so I can gauge if I need to add another source of K to keep the balance in my tank.

    thanks :T

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    Thank you for your post. The potassium in this combo is going to come from the activate. The bottle of activate and the website should both list the amount of potassium contained within, however for your convenience I have included that below:

    activateâ„¢ is made with potassium salts of various phosphates, and is therefore a source of potassium as well. It contains 8,800 mg/L of potassium.

    Use one inner capful (5 mL) per 680 L (180 US gallons) twice a week (or as needed). This dose increases phosphate by 0.15 mg/L, and potassium by 0.06 mg/L.

    I hope this helps!


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      Thanks, I am not that great at working out how to calculate ppm of my dosing and generally rely on the calculator. Are you able to let me know if I dose 3ml of Activate in my 60ltr tank how much K i am adding in ppm?

      I.e to reach EI levels using Activate to rase my PO4 to 1.3ppm I need to add 4.2ml, how much will this 4.2ml does raise my K levels in ppm?

      By my calculations (which may be wrong) adding 4.2ml of Activate will only raise K by 0.25ppm

      Thanks for your help
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        Bump, any chance on getting a reply on my above message?


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          Sorry for the delay. The potassium added to the tank will be 47.8% what the value of the PO4 is, so if you raise your PO4 by 1.3 ppm then K would increase by 0.6214 ppm.

          I hope this helps!