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  • First aquarium, product ?s

    40 gallon Aqueon breeder tank
    Aquaclear70 hob
    Lots of plants
    Tomorrow is day 7 of stability(100ml) and I have a 250ml bottle of stability and 500ml bottle of matrix showing up tuesday just Incase, I don't want my 11 neon tetras, 6 glowlight tetras, 6 feeder guppies, and 8 amano shrimp to suffer. I added the amano shrimp after I started using stability. I lost a few tetras and guppies from new tank syndrome. I have Seachem flourite, NPK, excel, flourish, and now stability.
    The fish instantly responded to the stability and it is probably the only reason they are alive and well. One glowlight was really dark and near death but has rebounded and looks great. But the plants cost a lot of money and I don't want them to suffer either. Just a couple of quick ?s

    Stability breaks down no2 No3 No4, but are my plants still able to utilize the nitrogen that is broken down? I stopped dosing ferts and excel for 3 days when I began stability, but then began dosing again, except for Nitrogen.
    I have an API 5in1 strip test kit that registers 4ppm nitrite and 80ppm nitrate. I know this is way too high but the fish are doing much better and seem fine.
    Are my no2 and No3 test results inaccurate because of the stability?
    Can I do more dosing of flourish in place of trace, iron, and advance? My GH is high 10+ and KH is around 6.7, pH is 7-7.5
    I read not to dose phosphates and iron on the same day, but the dosing chart has flourish and phosphate on the same day? What if I'm heavy dosing flourish?

    I would like to give a more detailed report, and ask more questions if thats alright? I set this tank up on 2/23 and wrote down what I've dosed and have questions about a few things...

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    Hello Dale,

    Looks like you have a great start on this tank! Stability is intended to kick start the natural cycling process - don't worry, you aren't artificially depriving your plants of nitrogen by dosing it. For one thing, the anaerobic denitrifying bacteria in Stability needs a specialized environment in order to multiply up to the levels needed to significantly reduce nitrates. As you might guess, anaerobic bacteria need an anaerobic environment to live. If you're running a healthy planted tank, most of your tank water will contain plenty of oxygen, so this specialized bacteria will be mostly living under your substrate, deep inside porous decorations, or inside specialty filter media like Matrix or De*Nitrate.

    Stability definitely won't give you false test results - it doesn't contain anything that the test kit would mistake for nitrite. You probably really do have 4 ppm nitrite in your tank. Fish are pretty adaptable, but it still isn't recommended to let your water parameters get too far out of range. I'd recommend some partial water changes (around 20%) to get your nitrate level down, and possibly to dose an ammonia and nitrite detoxifier like Prime every other day until your nitrite and ammonia read 0.

    We don't recommend overdosing Flourish, simply because it is unlikely that you have a tank that requires the exact ratio of iron, potassium, and trace elements that are contained in Flourish. Every tank is different, so it's usually necessary to dose these elements separately according to the needs of your system. It especially won't take the place of Advance, which is primarily a phytohormone supplement, not a nutrient supplement.

    It's more like you don't want to dose an iron source and a phosphorous source at the exact same time - that can result in some precipitation forming in the water. As long as you are spacing out the dose by a few minutes, the amount of Iron in Flourish is not likely to precipitate due to the presence of phosphate from Flourish Phosphorous.



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      Thank you for your response.
      I had a few questions about seachem prime if you don't mind.
      Everyone knows it's the best conditioner on the market, I have a 500ml bottle of prime and another 500ml bottle of excel showing up in the mail soon.
      I live in Florida the tap water is very hard.
      GH 180+
      KH around 140-160
      I am wondering how prime will affect the calcium and magnesium in my tap water? Will the plants still be able to utilize them?
      What about iron in the tap water and the iron in seachem flourite?
      I believe I read somewhere that the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate will still be available to the plants when bonded with prime, is this correct?

      Thank you.


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        Prime will have no impact on calcium or magnesium from your tap water. Prime will also not impact iron from Flourite and only has capability to detoxify heavy metals in typical concentrations found in tap water.

        Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, while detoxified, will still be available for use by beneficial bacteria as food.

        I hope this helps. Have a nice day!