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    I recently won the entire Aquavitro Plant line as a raffle prize at my local fish store. I have a planted 20G tank with one dwarf flame gourami, three platies, two guppies, three corydoras, and a bristlenose pleco. I've been using Prime, Flourish Excel, and Stability.

    My water source is has 0 GH. My local fish store recommended using marine salts instead of plain 'ol aquarium salt to raise my GH. I've been adding at the rate of 1 tsp/gal during water changes and have raised the GH to a steady 180mg/L (10.08 dH). My KH is 140mg/L (7.84 dH). Tank pH is a steady 8.0. My tank chemistry seems good as my fish appear healthy and happy. The plants have new growth, so I guess that = good.

    I am new to the hobby, since August. My tank has only been planted for about three weeks. I have a moneywort, lace java fern, and some type of narrow-leaf sword (I can't recall the exact variety).

    I want to use the Aquavitro line, but don't know if it is okay to use with my fish. I am also unsure of which products I should use given my water conditions, and which products I currently use might be replaced by one of the Aquavitro products. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Aquavitro Plant Line

    Congratulations on winning the products! We hope that they will bring you success!

    All of our products were designed specifically for use in aquariums containing live plants, fish and invertebrates, so they are all safe with any of these tank inhabitants.

    Mineralize will help you to restore the GH in your water, so that you do not have to continue using salt to do so. Plain marine salts are mostly sodium chloride, which can tend to melt plant leaves.

    The entire aquavitro line is meant to be used in conjunction with one another. Because Flourish Excel is such a great product, we do not have anything comparable to it in the aquavitro range, as we could not improve upon it! I would recommend continuing to use it as you were, as it works well in conjunction with the aquavitro line.

    Here is a suggested dosing guide for the aquavitro line that I think may help:

    I hope this helps!