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Phosguard, flourish tabs, and plants

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  • Phosguard, flourish tabs, and plants

    Hi, I live in an area with high silicates in the tap water and am hoping to find a way to avoid both brown diatoms and reverse osmosis by using Phosguard in my low tech planted tank (not even excel, the plants are quite secondary to the fish).

    I see that Flourish tabs have available phosphate listed in the analysis (but not in the ingredients), and the package says does not contain phosphates which contribute to algae growth (which is sort of an ambiguous statement, but perhaps just means the phosphorus is directly fed to the roots and not the water?).

    My question is if I add 250ml or 1 cup of Phosguard monthly to my 75 gallon tank which seems to be enough to remove silicates for several partial water changes, and use a root tab for each plant every few months, will the plants get enough phosphorus while starving the diatoms of both silicates and phosphorus? Is there anything else I can do like dose with phosphorus monthly a few days before a partial water change where I need to replace my Phosguard?

    Also I would like to know if the phosguard will ever release silicates, say in favor of phosphates over time, or if it is irreversibly bound to whatever it comes in contact with first?


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    Re: Phosguard, flourish tabs, and plants

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your questions. The nutrients in Flourish Tabs are utilized directly via the plants' roots and therefore will not be available for access by nuisance algae. There is absolutely no reason why you could not use PhosGuard in your filter to remove the silicates introduced through the tap; the plants will still be able to access the available nutrients from the root tabs.

    Since your tank is quite low tech, I do not foresee you having a need for additional phosphorus supplementation while utilizing the Flourish Tabs.

    Any phosphates and/or silicates adsorbed by PhosGuard are irreversibly bound and will never re-release from the media.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions and have a nice day.