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Fungus on 2 Neon Tetra...

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  • Fungus on 2 Neon Tetra...


    I have not enough to deal with ICH in my 45 G tank, now it seems that I have to deal with Fungus in another tank !

    Here's some pictures :

    On the fish's mouth :

    On the fish's left fin :

    In this planted tank :

    Seems like Fungus.

    Here's the tank parameter :

    pH : 6.9
    Ammonia : 0
    Nitrite : 0
    Nitrate : 2.5
    Phosphates : 0
    Calcium : 30
    GH : 120 (Nutrafin) or 6.7dGH
    KH : 100 (Nutrafin) or 5.6 dKH
    Free Iron : 0
    Chelated Iron : 0
    Temp : 24 Celsius

    Tank started on October 25th 2015. Substrate is ADA Power Sand, ADA powder additives, ADA Aquasoil and ADA Aquasoil powder. 3 weeks fishless cycle with ADA Green Bacter and Seachem Stability and flake food. Terrible ammonia peak on week 2 that melted my Tropica Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, remplace after by Tropica Riccia Fluitans on rock with Riccia Line and Tropica Pogostemon Helferi. 0 ammonia reading since end of week 3.

    I daily dose with Seachem Flourish Excel, ADA Brighty K Step 1 (first 3 months), ADA Brighty K Potassium, ADA Green Brighty Special Shade and Green Brighty Special Bright alternatively. Sporadically ADA Green Bacter, ADA Phyton Git, ADA ECA and ADA Green Gain. Water changes are 50% every 2 weeks (22 litres of RO/DI water with TDS=180).

    Tetras are doing fine in spite of this that seems fungus. They eat and swim like the 3 other tankmates ! I have also 2 Siamese Algae Eater that do fine, and 1 Otocinclus whis is in top shape. My 3 Amano shrimps skyrockets.

    I have some Polyguard on hands. On your website, you mention not to use it in a planted tank. As you can see, mine is fairly planted.

    You also mention to use it with Focus and food. Hre's your website statement :

    I would not use PolyGuard in a planted aquarium unless you used Focus (binding agent) to bind it to some frozen food and feed it directly to your fish.I appear to also have a tube of Focus.
    How do you prepare all this stuff to feed the fish ? I also have Garlic Guard and Nourish on hands.

    Should I mix everything together and feed the fish with this mixture and use the amount directed on the box of Polyguard ?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as the Polyguard dose on the box is to dilute in aquarium water, not to use with Focus.

    Thanks a lot for your support !


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    Re: Fungus on 2 Neon Tetra...

    Hi Marc,

    Dealing with diseases is never fun. Thank you for including pictures as it helps give us an idea what you are dealing with. Your tank looks great, by the way.

    There are a couple of possibilities. The most common fungi like Saprolegnia are usually cottony in appearance. This doesn't appear to be that but it could possibly be another type of fungus. PolyGuard is effective against many fungal infections. You are correct that we don't recommend dosing PolyGuard in a planted tank as some plants may be sensitive to some of the active ingredients. While other powdered medications of ours are commonly mixed to make a medicated food, PolyGuard doesn't work as well via this method so I would recommend removing the fish for treatment in a hospital or choosing a different medication.

    ParaGuard is a popular medication that is often used in planted aquariums. The feedback we get from hobbyists using it in planted tanks (as well as my experience using it myself) is that most plants aren't bothered by the treatment. Like PolyGuard, it treats a broad range of ailments, so it is good when you aren't certain of the condition and it can be effective against fungal infections. If you do treat with ParaGuard, cut back on your Excel dosing or dose it at a different time as both are reducing agents and can lead to reduced oxygen in the water is overdosed.

    KanaPlex and MetroPlex are also commonly used in planted tanks and work well mixed to make medicated food. They are usually combined with Focus which helps bind the medication to the food and contains a complimentary active ingredient. Kanaplex is primarily an antibiotic but also helps treat some fungal infections.

    Besides a fungus, another possibility is that it could be a fleshy growth caused by a viral infection, like warts in humans. Lymphocystis is the most common of these and often has outbreaks after fish are stressed from transport, aggression, or poor water quality. Neon tetras are bred in such quantities that they are often very susceptible to opportunistic infections and deformities. Feeding KanaPlex and/or dosing the tank with ParaGuard offer the best chance for treatment, but because it isn't clear that it is a fungus and there are several possibilities that could create these symptoms in a neon tetra, it may take some trial and error or even be not treatable.


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      Re: Fungus on 2 Neon Tetra...

      Thank yo very much for all this valuable information ! And thanks for the kind words on the tank !

      If I treat with Paraguard, do I have to shut off the LED completely ? The ADA Aquasky is not dimmable so it's on or off. They are on from 9:00am to 3:30pm, so 7 1/2 hours in total.

      And also, how long ? 14 days ? 21 days ?

      You are right, it's tough to diagnose.

      Thanks again !



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        Re: Fungus on 2 Neon Tetra...

        You can leave your lights on during treatment.

        Since it doesn't appear to be a parasite, the length of treatment should just be based on whether or not you see improvement. If you treat for a week or two and don't see improvement, I would try another treatment. With fungus and bacterial infections, usually you will see improvement within a few days and if the infection is primarily external, it is usually fine to stop treatment shortly after symptoms go away.


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          Re: Fungus on 2 Neon Tetra...

          Thanks very much again for your dedicated help !

          I want to take some time to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 to all the team members. You guys are awesome !



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            Re: Fungus on 2 Neon Tetra...


            You are most welcome! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 as well!