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  • Mix fertilizers

    Hello, I am currently using the following fertilizers in my aquarium: fluorish nitrogen, flourish potassium, activate, propel and envy. I test and add nutrients based on what the aquarium needs. When it is stabilized, I would like to be able to simplify the tasks, making a mixture of the products according to the consumption of my aquarium. Is this possible? Could there be a problem if I mix the products that I have indicated above? The idea would be to make a mixture to dose for 2-3 weeks.

    Thank you very much!

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    Thanks for the post, salvaiborra!

    Unfortunately, our supplements are designed to be dosed separately in order to maintain the proper ratios inside the aquarium. Each nutrient is required in different levels for maintaining healthy plants and preventing algae growth, so it is best to dose them separately. Sorry for the inconvenience!