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    So i have a new aquarium (20L) with a betta fish. Keeping the heat from 75-81. Using aquaclear filtering products. I had started that tank with an offbrand of prime/stability mix which required the whole bottle to get the bacteria started on the 27th, i saw cloudyness on the 28th. I got real Stability on the 29th, put the capful per 80L dosage in. Same thing 30th and 31st. Now my question is, since i had put some different bacteria in at first do i keep using stability for the 7 day from the day i started up my tank (until the 2nd) or do I use the 7days of when i started stability(until 5th)? I do think i cant overdose it but since I cannot order acctual ammonia/nitrate/ph test kits (about 150$-200$ for 5 tests of each with delivery, im from an isolated region up north). I want to make sure everything is fine before I stop using stability, to not be hit with new tank syndrome. Its hard enough as is to get a pet fish here.

    Seperate question

    For prime do i calculate the dosage only for the amount of water im changing or for the whole tank at each water change(about 15L)?

    Last question

    If I got "pool" ph tests would that calculate close enough the right ph of the water? Those are accesible from where i am we use em for something else entirely.

    Thanks a lot for your time and answers!
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    Thanks for the post, Pinottes!

    It is fine to switch to Stability after using a different bacteria at first. We would recommend doing the 7 day treatment with Stability according to the label. This can even be extended if necessary. I personally add the Stability for 10-14 days when cycling an aquarium, but it is not necessary. Thereafter, you will want to add the Stability at water changes, when you add new fish and if you ever medicate the aquarium.

    For Prime, if you are changing water using buckets, you add the appropriate amount of Prime to the bucket for the volume of the bucket. If you are filling the aquarium directly from a tap, you will add the Prime just before filling the aquarium for the full volume of the aquarium. For smaller doses of Prime the correct amount is 2 drops per gallon or 1mL per 10 gallons.

    I think it will depend on what pH range the pool kits are testing for? If within the range of what you keep your aquarium, then it should be fine, I believe.


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      Thanks a bunch! Ive been dosing stability every 48h after the initial 7 days, the fish still seems to be fine and responsive, no negative behaviors. Is there a way to know when my cycle is acctually complete without those test kits?

      Thanks for your time


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        Unfortunately, there is no way to know you have fully cycled the aquarium unless you test the levels. You want to have a consistent zero reading for ammonia and nitrite for at least a week, with a low level of nitrates. Keep in mind that it is also a good idea to add Prime every other day to the tank to keep the fish from any ammonia or nitrite toxicity during the cycling process.